Artist Statement


The energy and the environment from which a piece is created…the music that’s being listened to, the state of the person that’s making it, the actual energetic environment that it’s in… all of that energy bakes into a piece and it’s in there forever.

My artistic journey has been a profound exploration of self-discovery and healing through creativity and spiritual connection. From an early age, I always found solace and expression in art, but as life led me down a path of conforming to societal expectations and developing a “masculine” way of operating, my artistic passion took a backseat. It wasn’t until I experienced a life-altering illness, and was faced with uncertainty and introspection, that I decided to revisit art as a means to reawaken my passion, to find healing and to find purpose.

With the support of ancient spiritual practices and my mentor, Mitch Rosacker, I delved into the depths of my emotional and energetic self, clearing traumas, cleansing my channel, removing all mindless consumption, and tuning my fork to awaken my creativity.

Art has now become my spiritual practice–a sacred channel through which I connect to mysterious realms and deeper knowings. Guided by intuition, ancient invocations, and a knowing beyond my own intellect, I create art pieces that resonate with unconditional love, truth, and harmony.  Utilizing a collage technique combined with rich, ancient oil paints, each creation becomes an alive being– a portal into the unseen, a window into a new energetic realm.

My commitment to maintaining a pure channel and high-vibrational environment during the creation process ensures that the final art becomes a beacon of light and truth for those who embrace it.

My intention as an artist is to bridge the spiritual and earthly worlds, offering pieces that speak to the human heart and awaken the spirit. These pieces and “beings”, while deeply rooted in my personal journey, hold universal messages and frequencies, inviting viewers to embark on their own paths of healing, self-awakening, and transformation.

It is my hope that each individual who encounters these pieces finds a connection to their true nature and to nature itself.  Through this fusion of art, nature, and spirituality, my art exists to create ripples of higher frequencies that extend far beyond the canvas, touching the lives of all those who encounter it.